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African Greetings Ltd is an innovative, dynamic & friendly design company at the forefront of inspirational greeting card publishing & wholesaling in Africa. We are now expanding in the gift stationery sector, with a brand new range of notebooks, notepads and framed wall art. There is a good reason why we chose the tag-line "Say it with meaning": all our products express meaningful, heartfelt sentiments. Our greeting cards make people feel special!
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Whatever you want to say, SAY IT WITH MEANING!
An SMS lasts for a brief moment;
a Greeting Card touches the heart forever...

Welcome to African Greetings and our range of greeting cards, posters & gifts for every occasion, proudly produced in Africa!


The Season for Success

We are delighted to announce the launch of AFRICAN GREETINGS, which will start trading on 1st September 2009.

Although we're a new company, between us all, we have many years of experience in the greeting card and art design / publishing world, not to mention decades in marketing and sales. You'll soon get to know our team - we're a cheerful, dynamic and dedicated group of people, and we look forward to working and growing alongside our customers.

All our products are proudly designed and produced in Africa, but to stringent international standards. We're as passionate about quality control as we are about good design.

It's the Season for Success Cards, and so we have decided to launch our company with a wide range of Success Cards, Bookmarks (both with ribbon tassles and plain), Pass Around Cards and Friendship Cards...but that's not you'll see when you browse around this website, there are plenty of designs for other occasions too. You'll also notice that we have a rich mixture of Christian and motivational (but non-denominational) products, all of which can be recognized for their bold design style.

And of course, we have many exciting occasions coming up before too long, including the big one: Christmas. We'll be producing some fabulous ranges to celebrate...soon you'll be able to see sneak previews of our upcoming designs right here on our website.

We're also working on designs for Weddings, Birthdays and many other you'll notice us steadily broadening and diversifying our product range....which is where you come in: if you have any suggestions for items you'd like to see us producing, please get in touch and let us know! We love to hear from our customers, and pledge to do our best to provide you with the products which you need and want.

This website is going to be an exciting place to stop by over the next few weeks and beyond. We're going to be developing new and interesting areas on the site, in addition to posting some innovative ideas about starting your own business by working alongside African Greetings. We're also going to be publishing useful information for artists who would like to submit artworks for consideration by our creative team.

All in all, there's a lot going on so watch this space...the future is bright!

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